Afraid to Fly

I’m afraid to fly. I’m not afraid to fall.

I’ve fallen so many times before. I perfect failure. It’s my specialty.

Getting back up takes the strongest motivation combined with energy and a strong mental capacity. Do I have any of this stamina left in my heart?

Crawling myself up out of that well; the desolate emptiness calls to me consistently.

I want to give up but I cannot tip-toe the line of the pursuit of happiness and the pursuit of emptiness.

It’s time I cracked down and took a step forward. I’m standing still and watching the days pass me by, it’s not the life I ever wished for. Depression, chronic pain, they are swallow me whole.

There is still this drive in me to succeed. I want to love and I want to live. I want to get out of bed and taste experiences, the rare days that I was able to greet the sunshine with open arms.

I want to be inspired and to be inspiring. I yearn to write, to record the misgivings and the struggles of the beaten and the damned.

I can’t waste my days bed-ridden and defeated any more.


Thank you to my loyal readers. I love you all so much and I enjoy this little community that I have been growing online. If it weren’t for the support of my family, my boyfriend, and you readers, I’d still be wasting my days, not pursuing my dreams. If I want to succeed, I must crack down. I’m going to spend my days writing. Blogs, my short stories, my poems. Applying for freelance jobs and entering contests.

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6 thoughts on “Afraid to Fly”

    1. I’m working on it. I had a little epiphany yesterday so I’m striving to be my best. I stay in bed all day because of fibro, unless I’m at work. I’ve started yoga again. I got outta the house today to go to the store. I’m sitting down trying not to be distracted by political conversations on Facebook and focus on my writing. LOL

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      1. Thank you, lady! I love yours also but I haven’t gotten any e-mails saying you’ve posted recently. Am I still not getting them or have you just been busy & not posted? Idk if it’s my subscription or what but it’s getting annoying. Lol


      2. Nope, I just have been too busy with the kids but I am working on it! I will probably have some time this weekend. Be on the lookout! 🙂

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