Calling Chronic Pain Patients

This isn’t an actual post. I am writing a piece that I would like to use as an article about pain management and opiates. With addiction on the rise and the cutting down on painkillers, there’s those who actually need painkillers for their everyday life. People, including me, are getting these taken away because of addicts. As a former addict (not opiates, for the record), I want to write a piece on the difference between addiction and dependence. I’m going to make a list of questions because I want real sufferers that take opiates or have in the past in my article. You can remain anonymous if you’d like. I will also be doing research on the subject and I want to implement on how federally legalizing marijuana would benefit quite a few. So, if you are on medical marijuana, I’d love to talk to you too! Leave me your information on my contact page!

I’m also in the process of a few other articles. Thank you for your support, you fanfuckingtastic people!

8 thoughts on “Calling Chronic Pain Patients”

  1. i have a chronic disease that began when i was nineteen. it caused me, gradually, to go blind. during the early stages of my blindness there was pain, joint, headaches, back pain. i used to take pain killers, but i can’t say that i was addicted, as i didn’t take them every day – although i did take them frequently. lately however, i no longer do. there is pain sometimes, but most of the times i can ignore it. either i’m accustomed to the pain or the level of the pain is less than it used to be. thank you for sharing this post.


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