Net Neutrality: This is Important

Even December, the FCC will be voting to repeal Net Neutrality. This can create so many problems for Americans. I had been hearing about Net Neutrality for a few years, not knowing exactly what that entailed so about a year ago, I took it on myself to do my research.

Those that are less fortunate will have little access to the internet. Your internet service provider can block websites from you as they deem fit, which can include blocking you from certain websites for political gain. You can be charged an extra free for Netflix, an extra fee for Facebook, WordPress, whatever your internet service provider wants to do. But you can fight back. I originally found this on Facebook and took it on myself to file myself. For the record, as the site states, your name and address will be public for the proceedings.

John Oliver set up a system back in 2014 to file a comment on the FCC’s website concerning Net Neutrality. So many filed comments that apparently the site crashed!

Here’s What You Can Do:

  1. Go to
  2. You will see a proceeding w #17-108 Restoring Internet Freedom.
  3. Push on “+ New Filing”.
  4. This will take you to a screen where you only have to fill out these questions:
    1. Name(s) of Filer(s). Add your name and make sure you hit return/enter after that or it won’t go through!
    2. Primary contact e-mail
    3. Type of filing– use the pull down menu for “comment”
    4. Address of– use the pull down menu for “filer”
    5. Your address, city, state, and zip code.
    6. Upload documents– You will need to write your comment in a Word document, Text document, or make a PDF to upload.

You can use this template if you’d like:

Dear FCC,

I am writing you today for you to NOT repeal net neutrality. Regulations need to remain in order for ALL businesses and people to have an equal stance at being noticed on the internet. By repealing this you are setting up a corrupt system where the 1st Amendment is not upheld unless those people have enough money to get seen on the internet. The world already has SO much income inequality that the internet is the last bastion where people from all levels of society on a global scale have an equal playing field. By taking that away you will have helped amass even more power and influence in the top 1% that can pay massive fees in order to be seen over others who cannot pay as much. Our free speech will be immediately affected in a gross negative way and we will end up as customers being forced to pay more for an inferior product. You will be KILLING small business start-ups, limiting free speech, will contribute to less fortunate people without the means to pay for faster internet to get the same quality experience, thus limiting their learning curve, and rewarding corporations that already have benefitted too much by our government’s horrible regulating skills and practices. Please help the millions of people in the US that don’t have a voice and don’t have the means to afford the looming prices you will be inflicting if you repeal net neutrality. Vote to keep net neutrality as it is.

Best Regards.


I hope you all take the time to do this! It didn’t take long at all, five minutes. I did use the template. Share, share, share! Share on your Facebook, Twitter, any other social media page! You don’t even have to share my post if you don’t want! Just a simple copy and paste will do! 

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    1. No problem! I’m very passionate about Net Neutrality! Though I’m writing an article about how the chairman of the FCC doesn’t care about the comments or anyone’s opinions because there were so many spam & bots. But I found people who used algorhythms & found that 99% of the unique comments were for Net Neutrality and not repealing it.

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