‘Bipolar Disorder: What I wish someone had told me’- my first blog for Mind Charity

A reblog. Amazing piece on bip0lar disorder. A lot of truths.

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When I was 15, I started suffering from depression and anxiety. My heart would race, I couldn’t sleep and it was so debilitating I had to take six weeks off school in my GCSE year. I still got my GCSEs and I recovered for a while. However the following months were filled with a manic, high episode and then a depressive episode featuring psychosis which led me to be hospitalised voluntarily on an adolescent mental health unit. It was there, aged just 16 years old, that a psychiatrist diagnosed me with bipolar affective disorder, which runs in my family.

Bipolar is a serious mood disorder where sufferers can experience depression and low phases lasting for months and manic, high phases which can make sufferers feel out of control due to the symptoms.

I am now 29, but when diagnosed at…

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  1. As someone that hasn’t ever really been a real witness of this sort of thing. It’s really helpful to learn to understand people that we may one day meet that are sufferers. Great work!

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