My Experience with the American Healthcare System

A reblog. He speaks some truth. If they appeal Obamacare without a substitute for those with low income, so many people, including children are going to suffer.

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I tend to wait for the right time to talk about subjects as the American Healthcare System. In my ten-year journey, I have seen the worst of the American Healthcare System, and also what can change when we start caring for those that are sick in this country.

So here is my story.

I was officially diagnosed with Bipolar One disorder in the psych ward at my local hospital at the age of twenty-two. The hospital released me with a laundry list of medications and no way to pay for any of the medication or the help that they recommended that I go get on the outside.

I had quit my job the year before and I wasn’t making anything resembling work. I was lost and in one of the worst depression cycles of my life. I didn’t know what the hell being Bipolar even meant and when I asked…

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  1. I was born in the UK, and know universal healthcare from a very positive upbringing with it. I now live in Los Angeles and pay out-of-pocket. Im happy to pay a higher premium if it trickles down & helps others. On the other hand, the political arena needs to figure this out via taxes or another way because my premium has doubled in 3 years & now costs me over $500 a month, plus copays. I’ve required several surgeries & major tests & need more. The system is completely unbalanced & it began when Reagan was president & cut healthcare accessibility in the 80s, especially for the mentally ill. Great post! Thanks for bringing this up.

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    1. This was a reblog, I can’t take credit! But it’s something that has been weighing on my mind because of my chronic pain issues and mental health. I work but my work insurance is shitty. I was paying more in than they were paying out.

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    2. I hit send before I was ready. Lol. But it was expensive and not worth it. Thankfully, I still qualify for Obamacare. If it weren’t for it now, I wouldn’t be able to physically work. I’m terrified if they repeal the ACA. It has it’s flaws because I know the premiums went up for quite a few people and I don’t think people should be ticketed for not having insurance. But it’s helped so many people. I didn’t have health insurance for years because it was godawful expensive. That was before the chronic pain problems but I needed it even then for my mental health. This is the case for most I know on Obamacare. They like to say it’s a bunch of unemployed lazy people. No. It’s people who work but still can’t afford insurance. It’s college students. It’s children. If it’s repealed, it’s going to hurt so many people. i don’t know why everyone is so afraid of universal healthcare. it’s been great for other countries. it hasn’t stopped medical advancement. They’d rather charge us an arm & leg for something that’s a necessity.

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  2. It is absolutely insane to me how the United States of America can’t figure out what every other modern nation in the world has already known for quite some time. I used to think America was the greatest country on Earth, because of some early-life indoctrination, but I have come to understand we ain’t even in the top ten.

    Fix it, America. Make America great, for once.

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