The Myths Surrounding Child Abuse

Important information for everyone. I had to reblog. What’s happening to children is disgusting, it’s sick, & it needs to be stopped.

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The Childhelp Organisation yesterday published an article on Twitter around the myths surrounding child abuse. It is excellent and worthy of publication here.

Child abuse is America’s worst, best kept, secret.

It’s an epidemic, and the only way to curtail it is to Speak Up, educate communities on preventing child abuse and neglect, and give neighbourhoods the resources to seek help when they are struggling.

Before that can all take place, though, there are many myths that hinder child abuse prevention, giving people false information to think these atrocities are not as serious as they truly are. It’s time for the truth:

The Myths:

Myth: It won’t happen to me or my friends; I live in an affluent part of the country

Truth: Child abuse and neglect occur in all types of families, no matter the income, education, family size, race, religion, or any other trait. When you visit a…

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10 thoughts on “The Myths Surrounding Child Abuse”

  1. I’m slowly publicising what happened to me as a child on my blog. I appreciate the people bringing awareness to such issues. Good share on your behalf.

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  2. We certainly do. My last post I had to stop and start a few times and kind of didn’t finish but tried to end it so I can continue as a second post. It’s hard to relive everything when you try to word it without causing offence and for it all to make sense it’s just …hard

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