The Struggles Of Dealing With A Non-Visible Long-Term Illness

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If you have a loved one that is dealing with an illness that manifests in a way that doesn’t necessarily show physically, you may have heard a few frustrating responses of “well they look OK at the moment” or “oh, this must be a good day.” They very seldom realize that as they say this, your loved one may be going through a painful struggle inside. Most people forget that just because someone looks as healthy as they do, it doesn’t mean that that person is not suffering with a chronic illness.

Venus Williams – a Wimbledon tennis champion – has recently been diagnosed with Sjögren’s Syndrome, a chronic autoimmune illness that no one would know she had if she didn’t open up about it. You can bet that many people upon seeing her muttered the words “she doesn’t look sick,” while her immune system due to the Sjögren’s…

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8 thoughts on “The Struggles Of Dealing With A Non-Visible Long-Term Illness”

  1. This article has good advice for dealing with ‘invisible’ illnesses. Thanks for posting it. So often if you look fine to the world, the world expects you to just be fine and have no ‘excuse’ for any limitations that may exist.

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      1. I have that sort of thing too, having gotten electrocuted and now having epilepsy as a result. Sometimes people want everyone to be looking great and acting great, and sometimes it just doesn’t happen due to real life.

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