Let’s Live….

Let’s live for the subtle things; the things that are not things; the things that are everything but subtle; the simple things that are interlocked with much deeper things; the things that are so much more than nothing, but so much less than everything; the things that don’t seem significant, but will in the end, make a world of a difference.

Let’s live for the rare sightings of double-rainbows; for solar eclipses combined with super moons on Monday mornings; for the silhouettes of marshmallow clouds resembling the gentle faces of our loved ones watching over us from the ethereal; for the itchy skin after having rolled playfully around a lawn of soft, freshly cut dewy grass on a Sunday afternoon; for that one cool, gentle breeze that comes suddenly, and penetrates every steaming pore to cool us off  on a hot summer’s day; for majestic black night skies…

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