We’re All Gonna Die, So…

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trigger warning: death, suicide

Death has been a recurring thought for me this past couple of weeks. Not in the sense that I desire it upon myself anytime soon, but in the sense that recent events have forced me to reckon the reality of it in the midst of life. Within the past two months alone, I’ve brushed up against 8 deaths — 5 due to medical illness, 2 by suicide, and 1 by vehicular accident. I personally knew two of them, while the rest were relatives/friends of my friends, colleagues, and former students.

Wow. It still somewhat stuns me that I now have to use the past tense in talking about them. I now have to say “I knew them” instead of “I know them.” “They were” instead of “They are.”

Death brings up a mix of different thoughts and feelings in me. On the one hand, it comforts…

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2 thoughts on “We’re All Gonna Die, So…”

  1. Beautiful written ❤ I still have a big fear of death or anything related to death. It makes me scared. I think the most important thing in life is to love and give love to others and live the life you wanna live according to your values. Let’s really live life ❤

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