The Neverending Storyteller

4 M's Bipolar Mom

Since I was a little girl, my siblings would say that when telling stories I told the neverending story.  As young as six, when it was my turn in our joint sleepouts (I was one of four), to tell stories, my siblings would groan because according to them, I well, provided far, far, far too much detail.  I would describe in my stories the smell, the texture, the emotion associated that each character in the story would feel and experience.  I thought that this detailing was critical in each story.  How would the listener then know, then experience, if I did not describe in miniscule example, each element, each feeling so relevant to the story / memory?

Similarly at work and person, I am the kind of person that is in brief, EXTRA.  DETAILED.  But I’d like to believe for good reason.  For example, as a sixteen year old mom…

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