Papercut/Just An Update

I have been feeling down and working on freelance work but I should have an informational post coming soon as well as possibly a guest blogger which should be pretty fucking cool.

Some days I get lost in my head and my thoughts consume me. So I leave you with this some Linkin Park.

P.S. I had another article published. It isn’t about mental health, addiction, or chronic pain article but I thought I would drop the article in case you are interested. It involves the tricks I use working from home. I’m working on another article for the website, dealing with fitness and dedication. I might have a chance at a permanent job writing for the website. I believe it is between me and a few other writers. Fingers crossed.

4 Tips to Conquering A Disciplined Mind If You Work At Home



23 thoughts on “Papercut/Just An Update”

  1. This is amazing Casey!!! Happy you are finding success in something you enjoy doing. Most people search their whole life for this and never find it.

    I hope I am this possible guest you are speaking of πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thank you so much, Nick! I may not be making much yet but I’m determind, dammit. You are the guest post I was speaking of, actually! I’m getting ready to e-mail you here in a moment. You will be my first guest post on my blog! I’m excited! I guess it did take a few days to e-mail you! Haha. I had to catch up on some writing assignments.


    1. Thank you, lady! I was meant to write one article for the moment while the editor waits on the other writers but I pitched another idea based on the keyword list and he accepted the idea. Gawd, I sound like a kiss up. Lol. But he accepted it so at the very least I got paid for the first, I’ll get paid for another, and I have two more pieces for my portfolio! But I would love to write for the website. I enjoy writing these type of articles.

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  2. I really needed to read this today. Most of my work is currently from home, and I am really struggling to keep focused and get much done. Phone is a big problem! πŸ™‚ Thank you. xx Also, good luck for the writing job. πŸ™‚ xxx

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