The Little Girl in the Mirror

This is beautiful. So much truth & it reminds me of a 13 year old me.

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The little girl sits in her room, her face illuminated by a screen, the room dark apart from this one square of light. She plays melodic, dramatic songs, songs you’d never hear on the top 40 or on the commute to work. Her slim figure is drowned in an enormous black hoodie, the sleeves of which cover her hands down to her fingers, revealing chipped and bitten nail polish. In all senses, the girl is no different to any other thirteen year-old, holed up in her bedroom, connecting with the internet world far more than her real world. It’s what teenagers do, so they say.

But this thirteen year-old is still a little girl and she’s researching suicide.

The year is 2005. Mental health is still kept firmly behind closed doors, along with sexuality and gender identity. The term ‘suicide’ is usually only spoken of by mentally healthy people, commenting…

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2 thoughts on “The Little Girl in the Mirror”

  1. Wow! It makes me wonder what I would have been doing had I been born in the time of internet. I wrote a lot of poetry but I also burned a lot of poetry and played with a lot of steel blades. I was in an abusive home. I think that fed the negative energy that was going on inside my head.

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