The Purple People Eater

I dyed my hair purple about 2 weeks ago.

Now, people can call me a purple haired femi-nazi.

Or a bleeding heart liberal.

Except I’m not affiliated with any party.

I’m independent.

But I’m a “crazy Democrat” because I don’t believe children should be held accountable for the crimes of their parents.

If a parent left a loaded gun in the middle of their living room floor, safety off, and a child picked up … and shot someone…. would you blame the child or blame the parent?

I’d really hate to be held accountable for the crimes of my parents. I’d be a felon.

These are my random thoughts for the day. But, please, call me a bleeding heart liberal, a snowflake, a crazy Democrat, a communist, a socialist, a cunt, fat, a bitch, a femi-nazi, a high school dropout (which isn’t even true), among other things.

But if you can’t have an intelligent conversation with me, maybe you’re the problem. Maybe you’re the names you call me to make yourself feel better about being ill-informed and hateful.

I didn’t like Hillary Clinton. I would love a female president but I don’t like Hillary Clinton. I hate Donald Trump.

But if anyone utters a word against Trump they’re “enemies of the state”.  Or a liberal. But they can’t refute my claims with real facts or stats.

I’m independent because I find huge faults in both parties.

We’re never going to get past the troubles in our country if we continue to vote for these 2 parties.

I don’t normally talk about politics on my blog. I’m just tired of being beaten down and attacked for stating an opinion. So don’t mind me while I act snotty and superior after you attack me.

I will not apologize.

When it comes to human rights, I will not apologize.

At least if i disagree with a Democrat, we can have an intelligent conversation, an intelligent debate.

There’s maybe 2 Republicans I can say the same about.

Just because you vote for someone doesn’t mean you have to swear allegiance to the man, crawl up his ass, & devour his shit. Literally.

Sorry, not sorry.

For now, you can call me The Purple People Eater.


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  1. I’ve never understood rabid devotion to one particular party or leader. People are human – even the good ones screw up and make bad decisions, and it accomplishes nothing if people are sticking their heads in the sand and refusing to admit that.

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    1. Agreed. It’s absolutely ridiculous. These days I haven’t figured out if people are just stupid or full of cognitive dissonance. Half my family won’t speak to me because they don’t like what I have to say about Trump. They worship at the altar of Trump. I just don’t understand it. I didn’t agree with everything Obama did but I tell you what, he was exponentially better than Trump.

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  2. Greetings from another Independent who shares your thinking. For me, I cannot watch the news any more except accidentally. And I accidentally dyed my hair purple and loved it and want to know how you keep yours purple because mine faded like a campaign rhetoric handbook. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Most of the color came out! It was suppose to be “long lasting” but I kept washing out 5 days later. & even after using the bleach first, the back turned a reddish purple while only the front came up bright purple. No matter what color I dye my hair, it somehow turns up a reddish color. Lol. I’m going to redye it soon.

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    1. When I was young — as in 10 years old — my very dark brown hair would get red streaks in it every summer … and I couldn’t get rid of the damned freckles 😤 … so when I started getting grey hair I decided to go red, and since I don’t yet look older than dirt I’ll probably keep dying my grey hair red 🤔😎

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      1. I was the accountant at a salon for awhile and the manager got a ‘wild hair’ and decided I would look good as a blonde, so I became a blonde for awhile — I liked it, (my skin is quite fair, and I have green eyes) but I had to go back to being a redhead b/c the bleach was killing my hair.

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      2. I’ve dyed my hair every normal color under the sun. I always worked customer service jobs so I could never dye it any fun color. I went through my emo phase with black hair. I had blonde. Different browns. But mostly reds & burgundy. Bleach fries my hair too. I have super curly hair so I have a hard time getting it moisturized & not dry & crazy frizzy.

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      1. AHA! I replied to YOUR comment by replying to mine — the comment right above your comment is the one that is supposed to be my reply to your comment about your UNDOUBTEDLY beautiful red hair! 🤗

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    2. I mostly dyed mine reds & burgundy! Now that you say that, is a bit of a pattern, huh? Lol. My original hair color is strawberry blonde but a bit more red than blonde. Ive always considered myself a “half ginger”. (So, I have half a soul) Lol. Im mostly Irish & Scottish & German (Im sure more than that, I just don’t know). So I’m pale. I have constant freckles on my shoulders but the freckles in my face only come out during summer. So I’m half ginger. Haha. But reds have always looked good on me. I’ve had black hair, blonde, brown. But with the jobs I’ve worked I’ve never gotten to do a crazy color. I’ve always wanted purple hair & since I’m self-employed now (most people I work for are my age so they dont’ care about things like hair color, tats, et) I went with it. I use to have quite a few piercings too. Different parts of my ear, labret, nose, monroe. I’ve noticed those with bipolar like piercings & tats too. I’m confused by all the comments so I misreply to someone, I apologize!

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      1. Tats!!! My husband got the first one [24601] and told me it would hurt too much for me to get one — it’s a mistake to dare a Gemini! My first one was a ‘titty bear’ (yes, I spelled it right!) now I also have a pentagram ankle bracelet tat (I want to put a crow/raven on the top of that one) and a dragonfly on my neck (it needs some more stuff around it as it looks weird just having a straight up & down turquoise dragonfly) so I still have some work to be done. I wanted something on my lower back to show off, but after menopause I got a little ‘fluffy’ and don’t want to show off that part of my anatomy anymore. 🤣

        I’m adopted so I don’t know what I am, except that I know my bio mom’s name was Sukowski so I could be Jewish … my husband is German (Lindenmuth) so it would be pretty cool if I was Jewish b/c it would make Hitler turn over in his grave to think a ‘good German’ MARRIED a ‘Jewess’! 🤔🤗
        *My adoptive parents’ is Sharp so that DOES make me the only sharp Lindenmuth in the family — but my husband was smart for marrying me!!!! 😊

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      2. Haha, Hitler would turn in this grave! I have dots on my hand. Party dots. I was 16. Lol. Then I have the Virgo sign on my chest & a semi-colon on my wrist. I want more. I just haven’t had the money! I have to ask… what is a titty bear? Lmao


      3. What is a titty bear … it is a teddy bear THERE! And that was my first one and it seriously didn’t hurt (must’ve been all that fatty tissue!) 😝

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  4. How cool is this — there are at least 3 registered Independents in this country!!! I wrote-in Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange for president and veep in 2016 b/c voting for HRC was way outside the realm of possibility, and I wouldn’t even vote for the prictator if he was running for dogcatcher!

    **Concerning being a
    — I can’t think of a better compliment! 😎

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    1. I LOVED your comment and think I could pull that off perfectly! There are people at work that think it is okay to call me a bitch because I do not agree with anything they say. I can’t help it if they are always wrong!

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      1. Thank yah; thank yah verah much. You know the red hair goes with the ‘bitch’ thing — we redheads are outspoken and find it utterly impossible to abide bullshitters — that’s a big part of the reason we HATE THE PRICTATOR TRUMPTARD!

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      2. Yesss. My hair is originally strawberry blonde but more red. I think that’s why even after dying hair we deal with red! I think most of us have Irish/Scottish heritage? I know I do. Red hair= strong women. Irish/Scottish= strong women. I’d rather be a bitch about sticking up for others than a cold hearted person who only cares for themselves!

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      3. I always joke and say that I have a masters in BS!! I am a great bullshitter!! I think it adds a little fun to the day!!! That was great, the reasons we hate the prictator trumptard goes far beyond everything!!!

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  5. Absolutely amazing post! I love purple and actually had dyed my hair purple last year! I say keep the purple and love it!!
    I also HATE Trump!!!! He is destroying our country every day he is in office! I have never in my life hated someone as much as I hate him! What he has done to the innocent children is heartbreaking and sick! I also could not agree more with you that we need to get rid of the 2 party system. I do not feel like any of them are trust worthy or have the American’s best interest in mind. Now I do kind of think Bernie does!

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  6. I love Bernie! The Democrats fucked him over! I don’t agree with everything he says but the majority I guess that makes me a socialist but not really. I believe in capitalism but we have crony capitalism or an oligarchy. Our country is literally owned by evil corporations (Republicans) & banks (Democrats). I really do believe in capitalism but I believe their should be some regulations (chosen by the people). I believe someone who is working 2 jobs should be able to afford rent & to feed their kids. I believe the minimum wage should be a livable wage.I believe health insurance shouldn’t be only for the wealthy. I believe everyone deserves an education despite how wealthy they grew up. I believe religion has nothing to do with our government & should not be forced on others through the law. I believe women should be able to get safe abortions because I don’t know why they need one but I know it has to be a hard decision to make. I dont’ believe people should rely on welfare forever but I do know people need help sometimes & if we really want to end the welfare state, we would create livable wages & give people the tools to get on their feet. Do i think some who works at McDonalds should make the same as a doctor? No, but they are at least working. I believe in unions because they make businesses responsible for taking care of teh employees. Without those employees, even those at the bottom, they wouldn’t have a business. I believe our immigration laws need to be loosened a bit. There’s zero proof undocumented immigrants are stealing jobs. They’re being exploited. Immigrants are what makes America. Did you know the Trump administration did a study on the effects of immigration (including undocumented immigrants) on the economy. The study proved the opposite of what they wanted, that they created a boom. So they didn’t release it. But it’s been leaked recently. I believe most news stations are biased towards some party but as CNN is to teh Democrats, FoxNews is just as bad on leaning towards the extreme right. I believe in punching Nazis, racists, sexists. I believe they have the freedom of speech to spew their hate but we also have the right to fight back, not let them in the government, & shame them for their hate. Sorry, Im rambling. But there’s a difference in politics with some. With others, it’s a difference in morals. I can’t bend my morals for anyone. Not family, not amyone. I may be an atheist but I have my own set of strong morals that include compassion, tolerance (except with intolerance), love, & people should be able to do whatever the hell they want if they aren’t hurting someone! Again, I did like Bernie ALOT. & I thought Bush was a horrible president until Trump came along. Again, sorry for the rant! LOL. I’ve been heated lately towards politics.

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    1. “Immigrants are what makes America.” Blessed be!
      The only citizens in this country that AREN’T immigrants are Native Americans — the trumptard’s own MOTHER was an immigrant who came over from Scotland in the early 1900s — maybe he is so against immigrants b/c it has something to do with his mother! I am an immigrant, just as my family were immigrants — if someone in this country hates immigrants then they hate themselves and their family b/c THEY ARE IMMIGRANTS! And don’t even get me started on the jobs immigrants are taking — they work the jobs most people in this country don’t want!

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      1. Yes she is — kinda makes you wonder if at least part of his reaction toward immigrants isn’t a reaction to her. I don’t think there is anything particularly negative about her, but when he decides to move on he sure doesn’t let any marriage certificate get in his way!

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      1. I’m fed-up so reading your rants helps me deal with the sad state of affairs in this country since the orangubrat moved into the orangubrat enclosure (it will NOT be the White House again until ‘that’ moves out)!

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  7. Terrific post, Casey. You’re right about name-calling from the opposition. When consumed by fear, all sensibility goes down the toilet and people either cower or strike out. Here’s to the November elections turning this dangerous tide ❤️

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