Off Topic/Leggings

I normally don’t do affiliate selling or anything of the like but when I saw LeggingGirl’s products, I thought they were hella cute and it’d be a fun way to make a few extra bucks between writing gigs. I won’t be filling my blog posts with these, don’t worry, but I thought I might throw a few your way every now & again.

No pressure on purchasing but if you do, please use my direct links because I do get a commission! They have leggings, tops, and accessories. They even have a Mommy & Me section for moms out there that want matching leggings with their kiddo.

There’s no tax and free shipping in the U.S. Plus, right now there’s a sale.

Here’s just a few of the awesome products at LeggingGirl!

P.S. I will have a more substantial post about my absence in the next few days.








3 thoughts on “Off Topic/Leggings”

  1. Thank you for sharing these! I LOVE leggings and tend to wear them a lot in the winter months with a sweater and boots!! I am really glad you are easing your way back because you have been missed!! Sending you love and LOTS of hugs!!

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    1. Well, if you’re needing a few new pair they have fleece leggings for winter too! 😉 << That was salesman Casey. Haha. But seriously, thank ya, Alyssa! You make me feel loved! And that means a lot because I've had a bad few weeks. ❤


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