Why Watching Sweat Roll Off His Brow Gives Me Pleasure

Our government is officially a reality tv show.

The Temenos Journal

Each morn, usually up before the crack of dawn, whether I’m working or not, I sit here with my coffee and catch up on whatever political vids have been posted. Lately, or, well, if I’m honest, for weeks, more and more, it’s beginning to run together, with the same blather and speculation, the same tweets with different words, the same chaos but with different characters, day after day.

The one thought that has spun around lately, is that I don’t support impeaching that rumpTus, the chief liar of this chaotic and destructive White House.

I want him to go down, like with the ship goes down, I want him to be there to the bitter end. See, this is the thing, for the one who would follow, Pence is going to be no better, maybe far worse. For one as he has experience, and knowledge can be dangerous, plus some…

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