My Rant on XXXTencion: Stop Making Excuses for Abuse

My three top hates are: sexual abusers/rapists/molesters, men who beat women, and women who beat men but say the man beats her. I get heated on these discussions. Very heated.


So, when XXXTencion was shot, I didn’t feel bad for him. Not one bit.

This man beat his girlfriend so badly that she almost went blind in one eye. She went to court to put him away but suddenly claimed she lied and dropped the charges. This is around the same time there was suspicion of jury tampering.

By the way, she was pregnant when he beat her this badly.

Wanna hear the gory horrible details? Here’s a website with a statement and details of what happened. It’s horrifying.

But since he was shot down, we’re suppose to feel sorry for him. We’re suppose to praise his work (which wasn’t that great anyway). We’re suppose to look the other way about his abuse.

He said he was trying to change. The same statement every abusive man says when he wants her back or wants to be seen in a good light. This is why domestic abuse is so prevalent.

Excuses are made, we look the other way. Because you gotta put the art before the person, right?


Should we ignore what R.Kelly has done for years? I remember hearing about what he was doing when I was a preteen. It takes a documentary for anything to happen.

Fuck, he married an underage girl back in the day (Aaliyah). No one said a word.

Should we ignore football players who beat their wives into bloody pulps?

As a society we allow this. If it’s a white man (here’s to you Brock Turner) or famous, we let them have another chance. Another chance to hurt someone else, even kill someone.

Do I think someone should have shot him? Not necessarily. But am I going to mourning this piece of trash?


In a weird way, it hits hard when I see that photo. Not just because of how badly he beat her.

I have the same shirt that she’s wearing in this photo. She’s a human being, just like the rest of us. But society blames her and continues to praise him.

It could happen to me. It could happen to you.

Let’s stop making excuses for shitty behavior.

Let’s stop putting women’s trauma on the back-burner to cater to an abuser.

I came across this article, read it, absorb it, learn from it. It discusses the many ways women are blamed for being assaulted.




15 thoughts on “My Rant on XXXTencion: Stop Making Excuses for Abuse”

    1. Right? I read a thing on 9GAG on XXXtencion and what he did to his girlfriend. The comments made me so sick. “She shouldn’t have slept with someone while he was in jail”. “His dishwasher is broke”. Just sick shit but all the blame was on her, not him. If a woman is raped, she shouldn’t have been drunk, she shouldn’t have worn that short skirt. And these even work as passable accusations in COURTROOMS.

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  1. We really live in such a broken society when the cheek is turned the other way all the time. Just because the athletes, rap artist, actors, etc… Have all this fame, does not give them the right to abuse. Period! It serously sickens me to see that picture because it happens more often than not.

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  2. It’s a shame that American pop culture feels the need to protect the abuser, the rapist because of their money-making potential. In the instance of XXXtentacion, he was rewarded with a multimillion dollar record deal though his violent behavior was no secret in the industry. It’s a self perpetuating culture that continues to spew out violent, sexual predators who don’t fear any legal consequences because we have taught them with our views, our likes, our subscriptions, but most importantly our dollars that they are above the law.

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    1. Yes! People continue to deny the truth too, particularly about XXXtenacion. But look at Chris Brown, R. Kelly, Louis C.K., Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Sheen. And God forbid anyone say anything bad about them, especially if they’re dead. As if his death erases the trauma he brought on that girl & many others.

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