Working On Us Week #10

It’s already week 10 of Beckie’s (from Beckie’s Mental Mess) Working On Us writing prompts! If you wanna  join in, go check out Beckie’s (she’s awesome!) page!

Prompt #1

Does social media affect your overall mental health? If so, please describe how it affects you?

For the  most part, social media doesn’t bother my mental health. I don’t take it too seriously.

How does it make you feel when you see family/friends posting pictures of them living their life happily?

I feel happy for them! I don’t feel any negative feelings towards them, though sometimes I’m a bit jealous. But I remind myself, just like me, they mostly only post the good parts of their lives or how they want their lives perceived by others.

Do the following people make you feel inadequate in any way due to your mental health?

A few have made me feel inadequate for several reasons, mental health only  being a small issue on a large list of issues.

What has been your overall experience with social media? And, what sites do you follow?

When I was in high school and early 20s, I would overshare, particularly my depressed episodes or my suicidal thoughts. Or my anger towards certain people. Yes, I’m that person!

I also used it to “cyber stalk” shitty old boyfriends I had, during when I was dating them. Because most of  my exes were legit cheaters, it wasn’t paranoia. That always ended with me upset.

After I first got sober from meth, I felt the need to be on Facebook all the time because I felt I was missing out on something or to distract myself from the world.

Now, I mostly post inspirational quotes (to cheer up my damn self, haha) or funny memes. Oh, and play Quiz Planet.

I use to have a Myspace and Vampire Freaks (heck, yes) in high school. Yes, I’m that old! I have a Facebook, a Twitter for my blog (I only share things, I’m rarely actually on the website), and Linkedin for professional reasons. Oh, and WordPress too, if that counts!

Have you considered not being on social media?

Yes, several times. Like two years ago I temporarily deleted my Facebook for about six months. If it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t have a phone & Facebook is my only form of communication with friends, I would delete it again.

Now, I don’t get on Facebook every day. I’ll go a week with checking every day to talk to a good friend or post a few memes. Then, I won’t get on for weeks at a time.

If it wasn’t for my writing business and blog, I wouldn’t have Twitter or Linkedin. I just got both accounts 2 years ago, when I started this blog.

If you have quit social media sites, has it improved your mental health and stability?

Life was more peaceful because I didn’t have to read ignorant comments or annoying opinions of some people when it comes to Trump & politics.

Has social media ever triggered you in a negative way? Explain how?

As in my PTSD, no. It’s given me anxiety attacks a few times when people have posted vague hateful statuses about an unnamed individual that I felt was me. Some weren’t, some definitely were.

Mostly, it makes me super angry. Again, that has to do with politics & hurtful individuals.


7 thoughts on “Working On Us Week #10”

  1. Hey there, Casey! Wholly Cow, we reached Week #10 on “Working on Us”, and I am so ecstatic that you have been a regular ever since day one!!!
    I can certainly understand why you have certain accounts open for business reasons, that’s pretty much a no brainer.
    As for Facebook being something of just a connection feed to catch up with friends, that’s fine too. I know for me personally, FB and Instagram caused me more anxiety than it was worth. ie… More problems caused by family members and them butting their noses into everything I wrote. Or, misconstruing what I was talking about and/or sharing. Both of the accounts are still open, but I rarely even think of them anymore.
    It’s kind of funny for me to read about having these social media sites, coming from someone that had them in high school. Heck, my social contact was a phone still stuck to a wall with a long chord. LOL! And, Wholly Cow, when they developed three-way talking… That was super amazing. LMAO!
    I guess my point is, there seems to be maybe more pressure on younger people when it comes to social media… The existing amongst peers and the anxiety-driven circumstances of fitting in, gossip, lying, etc… Personally, I’m so happy I didn’t have social media when I was younger.
    I so appreciate your insight regarding this topic it was enlightening to me, and I’m sure others that fit into my age group per se. Great response!!!
    💚 xoxo!

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  2. hey casey, I am glad that your experience of social media has been mostly positive, so has mine! I am also glad for that! I feel glad to be able to have it it has let me connect with so many people. xxxx


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