Working On Us Week #11

I’m super excited for this week’s Working On Us writing prompt from Beckie over at Beckie’s Mental Mess! It’s on emotional support animals, which means I get to talk about my beloved furbabies! Go check it out so you can join in!

Prompt #1

Do you own a pet for emotional support and/or service/therapy?

My dogs and cats are great from emotional support. However, they aren’t technically therapy animals.

Is your pet a certified therapy animal?


What kind of pet do you own?

I have 3 dogs and 2 cats.

Our oldest dog is our tan/fawn pug, Champ. He was a good family friend’s dog but as his kids got older, Champ needed more attention than they could give him between all the extracurricular activities Champ is full of spunk and has a big personality for a little guy. He loves “butt scratches” & will literally go around the room to beg. He’s nine years old.

Our oldest female dog is a white pit bull, Princess. We saved her from a neglectful home. She loves her Ricky. She was suppose to be my dad’s dog but ended up bonding with my boyfriend, Ricky. She’s a sweetheart and so full of love. She was a great mama dog. Still is, since we have her baby, Fiona. We have to guess at her age but we think she’s around 5 years old because we’ve had her for almost 3 years.

And our youngest, the brindle female, is Fiona. She’ll be two years old in October. She’s one of Princess’ puppies. She is my baby girl. She loves to give kisses. You can read her mood by her facial expressions. She doesn’t like to stay still for photos. It’s like she can sense that I’m getting ready to take a photo.

We have a fuzzy Siamese cat, CoCo. He use to be a farm cat. When we got him, he was super sick. He has feline herpes and it was winter out. The people who had gotten hi, from a farm, left him outside during a brutal winter with a kitten. Super sick babies. We took them both and took them to the vet. We had to give them meds and force feed them. Unfortunately, the kitten died but CoCo thrived. He’s a lover too. He loves to just rub his head against your face for as long as you’ll let him. He even gives kisses but it, of course, feels like sandpaper. We have no idea how old he is but our guess is 7 or 8 years old.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is our tabby kitty, Kush. We’ve had him since he was a kitten. We got him from the same people who had CoCo. Their inside cat had had kittens. My dad got one for my mom for Christmas (she’s a crazy cat lady!). They had 2 kittens left and we were worried about what they were going to do with them since the incident with CoCo. We took them both and found a home for the orange kitten. Kush stayed with us. He’s a bathroom kitty. He lives to relax on a shelf in our bathroom most days. He’s lovely & he’ll grab your shirt with his claws to pull you closer to him. He’s a little guy but he’s got a big tummy coming in. He’ll be three in November.

Do you believe that support animals truly assist those in needs?

I do but I think some people take advantage of it. When they do this, it creates a stigma associated with needing a therapy pet.

Do you believe that any animal can be a therapy/support animal?

No. For instance, the lady who tried to bring a peacock onto an airplane as her therapy animal. Jeez, really?

Some animals shouldn’t be pets at all, let alone support animals. If an animal is hard to tame & should be in its’ natural element, don’t take it for a pet. Again, it’s people who take advantage of the situation.

Prompt 2

Describe how your pet is of support to you?

First, taking care of my pets gives me a routine, between medication and potty time. If I keep to a routine, I’m less likely to fall into a depression or a hypomanic episode.

I can’t hide out all day long because I have furbabies to care for.

Cuddling with them boosts my mood every single time. And all my furbabies are cuddly.

My dog Champ jumps on me to cheer me up when I’m crying. When I quit my last retail job, I came home bawling. Out of nowhere, he barks at me and hops on my lap, being goofy and putting a smile on my face.

And Fiona knows I’m depressed before I do. I watched her be born and she’s been attached to my hip since.

When she was born, our bed was on the floor. So when she learned to walk, she’d pull herself up onto the mattress and wake us up with kisses at 5am. She still loves to give kisses.

But anyway, she lets me know when I’m depressed. She’ll notice my inactivity and lethargic state, and she’ll curl up next to me all day.

I feel bad because I think she copycats my behavior & emotions without realizing it.




22 thoughts on “Working On Us Week #11”

  1. Casey, this was a truly lovely response to not only the questions but opening your doors to allow us to see who all your furbabies are. They are all so adorable!!!
    You reminded me of that lady who tried to take her peacock on the plane… OMG! How freaking weird was that? LOL!
    I used to have an American Pit all brindle and white with a mask, her name was Brandie. She registered on my emotions all the time too. Plus my cat, Whiskers, aka, Whiskey Girl who behaved the same way. All my pets were always loving and caring, and they helped me get through so much.
    I think I relate more to animals than I do people most of the time. I mean, heck… I have full conversations with Peanut all the time.
    Thank you so very much for sharing your story and participating in Week #11 of “Working on Us” This was a great pleasure and treat!!! 💚🐶 🐱

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    1. I like my pets more than people most of the time too! Lol. They’re more my children than my pets. I think all of us with pets can understand that! I live pit bulls. They get such a bad rap because idiots own them. I fight with people on the internet a lot about it. My parents (we all live in the same house) have pits too. Those are just our babies, not all the babies in the house. Lol. But anyway, our pits are such big babies. Princess is the only one slightly aggressive & that’s only if she thinks someone is hurting us. She’d never hurt us. But this guy tried to tell me on YouTube that one day they’re all gonna snap & kill me. Smh. By nature, pit bulls are sweet. They only get aggressive when they’re owned by aggressive people or trained to fight. I could go on for days… Lol. I’ve even found a study that shows that 80% of pit bites are pits owned by criminals.

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      1. Pitbulls used to be referred to as Nanny Dogs for a reason. They are sweet, attentive, loving, even thoughtful.
        There is not a day tat goes by when I don’t think of my Brandie Muffin Lady.
        She was so gentle with the neighborhod children, and when we went on our camping adventures, she was the only dog that didn’t have to be hooked up to a leash. She never left either of our sides.
        My roommate owns a pitty mix, and she is just so doofy and adorable… she makes me laugh all of the time.
        I loathe idiots that raise these amazing creatures into fighting and killing machines. It’s not the dogs fault, not one bit.

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  2. I love your fur babies!😻😍🐶
    I can’t imagine life without dogs and cats. I’ve even gotten attached to the Bearded Dragon my younger daughter left when she moved out.

    A peacock? I missed that story. I can’t imagine that the bird wanted to be on the plane, whatever the person claimed.

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  3. Love Beckie’s Mental Mess, and so I’m thrilled to have found you!! Pets are super important for my mental health and have been there for me when I felt no one else was. Thanks for sharing xox

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