Treatment of Addicts (Part 2)

I stole this gem from Nick at Basically Sober. I urge you to check him out, read his fantastic posts, and subscribe, especially if you are an addict. He writes truthful mini memoirs about his heroin addiction. His stories are insightful, raw, and honest.  Treatment of Addicts (Part 2) written by: Nick Wilt “What could… Continue reading Treatment of Addicts (Part 2)


3 Alternatives to the 12-Step Program

For decades, it’s been a popular belief that the only path to sobriety and recovery was through the Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous programs. The idea that AA or NA is the end-all-be-all of sobriety is collapsing. The founders of the Alcoholic Anonymous program originated from a Christian Evangelical movement that was coined the Oxford… Continue reading 3 Alternatives to the 12-Step Program