Finally Took My Own Advice

I've been stuck between a deep, deep grave of depression, unable to bring myself out of bed. Other days I'm brimming with energy that I can't do much with because my muscles ache, my bones twitch, and my feet burn. Now that I have insurance again, I decided to take my own advice. I'm getting… Continue reading Finally Took My Own Advice

Confessional #3: Obstacles and Hope

What those of us with a mental illness never discuss is the constant obstacles we’ve grown accustomed to jumping. With every goal in life and each step we take towards those goals, those of us with mental illness have enormous hurdles. Some days, we have more hurdles than those who are of healthy mind and… Continue reading Confessional #3: Obstacles and Hope

Calling Chronic Pain Patients

This isn't an actual post. I am writing a piece that I would like to use as an article about pain management and opiates. With addiction on the rise and the cutting down on painkillers, there's those who actually need painkillers for their everyday life. People, including me, are getting these taken away because of… Continue reading Calling Chronic Pain Patients

A Day in the Life with Chronic Pain

I promised a day in the life so I'm keeping my promise! The alarm clock lets out a screech that cuts the line between sleep and reality for me. I lay there, eyes centered on the ceiling, not sure I’m ready for another day. There’s already a burning sensation that is crawling up my spine… Continue reading A Day in the Life with Chronic Pain