Working On Us Week #4

This post is part of Beckie's from Beckie's Mental Mess Working On Us Prompt! Go check it out and join in on the fun! Prompt #2 Emptiness in my heart as I clutch my chest, You're worthless Humidity in the air as the sweat rolls off my forehead, Nobody loves you Taste of salty tears… Continue reading Working On Us Week #4

Working On Us Prompt #3

I'm excited to join in on Beckie from Beckie's Mental Mess "Working On Us" prompts! Unfortunately, I had several articles last week, so I missed out on prompt #3. And I'm late on posting this week. This week, I picked the first prompt but I wanted to use the photo from the photo prompt as… Continue reading Working On Us Prompt #3

Seeking Approval

Growing up we believed those we thought knew the secrets of the universe-- our parents, our grandparents, our brothers and sisters-- were made of perfection. Perfection has the smell of fresh linen and the taste of strawberries with memories we cherished. We held their opinions, beliefs, and advice in our hands like precious rubies. We… Continue reading Seeking Approval