Working On Us Week #7

It's week 7 of Beckie's Working On Us Writing Prompt! It's another week to help break the stigma on those with any mental illness or disorder. This week's topic is suicide. Prompt #1 Have you ever experienced suicidal thoughts? I've had suicidal thoughts since the age of 11. Your brain tells you that you're worthless,… Continue reading Working On Us Week #7

Dear September

Dear September, Every year you hit me with a mixed bag of emotions. September, the month of fall. The month when the gorgeous, dead leaves fall from the towering trees, when the hefty walnuts begin to surround my house and hit my roof at night, lost in a dark abyss, and when the smell of… Continue reading Dear September

6 Annoying Things to Say to Someone About Mental Health

Ignorance is a two way street. We need to come together as a group if we want to erase the social stigmas our society has weighed so heavily on when it comes to mental health. Anyone who has come out to family, friends, or coworkers about mental health, regardless of the diagnosis, knows what I’m… Continue reading 6 Annoying Things to Say to Someone About Mental Health