I apologize for being missing in action the past few weeks. In August, my sister and her boyfriend finally got married! They've been together for 9 years & have 3 kids together. I'm so happy for her. They're great together. They've had their moments but what couple hasn't? She was a damn gorgeous bride! I… Continue reading Update

Part 1: Starting EMDR Therapy

Last week, I started my first session of EMDR therapy. We're going at a slower pace since my trauma was on-going when I was younger and because sometimes people end up trapped in the harsh memories. So, my sessions go back and forth between talk therapy and EMDR. I decided to share my journey with… Continue reading Part 1: Starting EMDR Therapy

The Big Words: Childhood Trauma

Validation. Awareness. Relief. Freeing. When my therapist used the words childhood trauma while we were discussing my life growing up, all these strong validating emotions flood over me. The word trauma. That frightening word. I didn’t go through foster homes. I wasn’t physically or sexually abused. So, I minimized my trauma from growing up in… Continue reading The Big Words: Childhood Trauma