Dealing With Self-Harm

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Yesterday I wrote about an incident of cutting I had with when I switched alters. I had the onerous task of telling my husband later on of the cutting knowing how much it would upset him and how angry he would be. Not angry at me but angry at the alter and the situation. I have no recollection of the cutting I never do. It is afterward when I feel the wetness of the blood on my arm some hours later or see a pool of blood on the floor that I realise something has happened.

We went to the hospital and the had the predictable three-hour wait at Emergency to be stitched. While waiting I received a beautiful text from a friend just saying “I love you”. It came at just the right time. I was feeling so low and awful about myself and the hurt I had caused…

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      1. I am glad the on again off again rain didn’t cause you any pain!! My pain has honestly been through the roof today, but hopefully it will start getting better soon! Thank you for asking!

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