I Don’t Know?

I apologize that it has been a minute. And thank you to those of you that have reached out to me! I appreciate it & I'm sorry I didn't respond. I'm sorry I haven't kept up with all of you too. It's hard sometimes trying to read everyone's blogs. I've been picking up extra work… Continue reading I Don’t Know?

Update: My Brain is Jelly

I've had serious writer's block. I've been burnt out on writing boring articles. Yet, I can still make videos. I don't know. I've been dissociating frequently so the focus is here and there. I'll have a more in-depth post coming soon about my dissociating and what's going on with me. I'm okay, I swear. I'm… Continue reading Update: My Brain is Jelly

You Can’t Help People Who Don’t Want to be Helped

You can't help someone who isn't ready to be helped and isn't ready to step up. This is a hard lesson I've had to learn over the years. I still struggle with it and it stings to "give up" on someone. It's not really giving up but I can't keep using all my mental strength… Continue reading You Can’t Help People Who Don’t Want to be Helped

Happiness or Hypomania?

According to Merriam-Webster, happy is defined as notably fitting, effective, or well adapted In the beginning, it's hard to tell the difference between genuine happiness and hypomania. I have issues deciphering between the two. So many times I've felt that I was happy but it turned out to be a hypomanic episode. So these past… Continue reading Happiness or Hypomania?

Rant: Religion is Not a Cure for Mental Illness

Disclaimer: I am an atheist. I'm out and loud about my atheism. However, this post isn't about my beliefs or your beliefs. It's about some's ignorant beliefs when it comes to mental illness and mental health.   This rant is about a type of toxic positivity (Check out the article, linked above) I read a… Continue reading Rant: Religion is Not a Cure for Mental Illness

#Poetryreadathon – meet blogger and poet Christy Birmingham

Robbie's inspiration

Poetry readathon

Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming Christy Birmingham to Robbie’s Inspiration. Christy is a prolific blogger and shares articles and posts that are packed with advice on how to approach difficult circumstances in your life, ideas on childcare and coping with working and parenting and many other fascinating topics. You can find and follow Christy’s blog here: https://whenwomeninspire.com/

Thank you Christy, for participating in my Poetry Readathon and telling us about your most meaningful poem and how you came to write it.

Over to Christy

Christy Birmingham

Dear Robbie, thank you for inviting me to be a part of the Poetry Readathon Series, which was so successful last year. I have no doubt it will have similar acclaim this year.

The poem I select for inclusion is “The Night We Entered the Earth” from my second book “Versions of the Self.” This poem has taken on a…

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