Dear Ricky

Those of us with mental illness and/or chronic pain have a harder time to finding a partner with the patience to deal with all the baggage that we carry around daily. I have been one of those lucky ones to find someone with patience, compassion, and full of love. Wednesday (the 13th) was our two… Continue reading Dear Ricky


3 Exercises to Fight Back Against Fibromyalgia

I apologize for it being over a week since my last post. I've been hurting. On the bright side, I am now a regular contributor at SABTrends. It's not paid but it's publication besides my blog which will help with future freelance jobs. I have permission to share on my blog as well which also… Continue reading 3 Exercises to Fight Back Against Fibromyalgia

6 Annoying Things to Say to Someone About Mental Health

Ignorance is a two way street. We need to come together as a group if we want to erase the social stigmas our society has weighed so heavily on when it comes to mental health. Anyone who has come out to family, friends, or coworkers about mental health, regardless of the diagnosis, knows what I’m… Continue reading 6 Annoying Things to Say to Someone About Mental Health

Is Addiction a Choice or a Disease: Introduction to My Addiction

There’s so much judgment when it comes to addiction and there’s never a fair assessment. A person chose to do the drugs, so we shake our fingers at them. We feed them shame without considering the reality of the situation. For me, it was a common escape from reality but not only that. I wanted… Continue reading Is Addiction a Choice or a Disease: Introduction to My Addiction

In Regards To Charlottesville

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" -Edmund Burke I had a completely different post in mind, but I just can’t ignore the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia. I can’t keep quiet. Those who stay silent in times of hate are just as bad as those… Continue reading In Regards To Charlottesville

Don’t Feel Bad for Your Bad Days

Special Note: I will start doing sets of three blogs on one of my subjects (bipolar disorder, addiction, or fibromyalgia) and then the next three will be on another one of these subjects and so on and so forth. I don’t want to lose my readers’ attention by hopping from topic to topic. I’m hoping… Continue reading Don’t Feel Bad for Your Bad Days