Calling My Creative Bipolar Friends!

I'm calling all my bipolar friends with a creative side!


Let’s Live….

She Gives No Fox

Let’s live for the subtle things; the things that are not things; the things that are everything but subtle; the simple things that are interlocked with much deeper things; the things that are so much more than nothing, but so much less than everything; the things that don’t seem significant, but will in the end, make a world of a difference.

Let’s live for the rare sightings of double-rainbows; for solar eclipses combined with super moons on Monday mornings; for the silhouettes of marshmallow clouds resembling the gentle faces of our loved ones watching over us from the ethereal; for the itchy skin after having rolled playfully around a lawn of soft, freshly cut dewy grass on a Sunday afternoon; for that one cool, gentle breeze that comes suddenly, and penetrates every steaming pore to cool us off  on a hot summer’s day; for majestic black night skies…

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The Struggles Of Dealing With A Non-Visible Long-Term Illness

When Women Inspire

If you have a loved one that is dealing with an illness that manifests in a way that doesn’t necessarily show physically, you may have heard a few frustrating responses of “well they look OK at the moment” or “oh, this must be a good day.” They very seldom realize that as they say this, your loved one may be going through a painful struggle inside. Most people forget that just because someone looks as healthy as they do, it doesn’t mean that that person is not suffering with a chronic illness.

Venus Williams – a Wimbledon tennis champion – has recently been diagnosed with Sjögren’s Syndrome, a chronic autoimmune illness that no one would know she had if she didn’t open up about it. You can bet that many people upon seeing her muttered the words “she doesn’t look sick,” while her immune system due to the Sjögren’s…

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The Myths Surrounding Child Abuse

Important information for everyone. I had to reblog. What’s happening to children is disgusting, it’s sick, & it needs to be stopped.

Fighting for a Future


The Childhelp Organisation yesterday published an article on Twitter around the myths surrounding child abuse. It is excellent and worthy of publication here.

Child abuse is America’s worst, best kept, secret.

It’s an epidemic, and the only way to curtail it is to Speak Up, educate communities on preventing child abuse and neglect, and give neighbourhoods the resources to seek help when they are struggling.

Before that can all take place, though, there are many myths that hinder child abuse prevention, giving people false information to think these atrocities are not as serious as they truly are. It’s time for the truth:

The Myths:

Myth: It won’t happen to me or my friends; I live in an affluent part of the country

Truth: Child abuse and neglect occur in all types of families, no matter the income, education, family size, race, religion, or any other trait. When you visit a…

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Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg Talk: ‘Is Whistleblowing Worth Prison or a Life in Exile?’

Off the normal topic of my blog but I think these men are heroes.

Rise Up Times

The two most famous whistleblowers in modern history discuss Steven Spielberg’s new film, The Post, about Ellsberg’s leaking of the Pentagon Papers, the personal cost of what they did – and if they’d advise anybody to follow in their footsteps. Introduced by Ewen MacAskill

Worried about Trump's assault on press freedom ... Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg Composite. (photo: Getty Images/Alan Rusbridger/Guardian UK)Worried about Trump’s assault on press freedom … Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg Composite. (photo: Getty Images/Alan Rusbridger/Guardian UK)

aniel Ellsberg, the US whistleblower celebrated in Steven Spielberg’s new film, The Post, was called “the most dangerous man in America” by the Nixon administration in the 70s. More than 40 years later, the man he helped inspire, Edward Snowden, was called “the terrible traitor” by Donald Trump, as he called for Snowden’s execution.

The Guardian has brought the two together – the most famous whistleblower of the 20th century…

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“One Of The Things That Strikes Me Most Though Is How Some People Don’t Realise They’re Self-Harming”

Fighting for a Future


“One of the things that strikes me most though is how some people don’t realise they’re self-harming. The phrase ‘self-harm’ brings up thoughts of ‘cutting’, but that’s only a small portion of it. When you drink excessively to drown your sorrows to the point you throw up and can’t see straight and/or, like a girl at my school, ended up being driven to hospital to have her stomach pumped, you’ve brought harm to yourself. If you take drugs to feel numb and it becomes an addiction that you can’t break, you’ve self-harmed. When you starve yourself or binge eat to fit the latest fashions, you’re pushing your body further than it can go.
We need to start treating ourselves how we deserve to be treated, even if you feel that no one else does. Prove to the world you ARE worth something by treating yourself with the utmost respect and…

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