New Year Goals

I know it’s already 13 days into the new year, but I want to post my goals for 2020. I don’t call them “resolutions” because it just has bad vibes attached to it. They say the more you put your goals into print, the more motivated you are to complete them.

So, I’m going to share with you my goals in 2020.

Personal Goals

  • Stick to my boundaries! If I don’t feel comfortable doing something, just say no. I’m not obligated to do anything for anyone if it makes me uncomfortable.
  • I’m going to push myself to spend time with people besides my parents, my boyfriend, and friends on the internet. I need to spend time with friends, face to face. It’s unhealthy how I isolate myself.
  • I’m going to lose at least 50 pounds.

Career Goals

  • Create a new resume that includes marketing writing samples. This resume will increase my workload.
  • Update my business website to include marketing-related material instead of mental health.
  • By the end of the year I want to make at least $3,000 a month through my freelance writing business.
  • I want 1,000 subscribers for both of my Youtube channels.

What’s your biggest goal for the year? It can be personal or a career goal. Drop me a comment!

I uploaded a new video. I use science to tear down Nicole Arbor’s video on depression. I’m also working on my first video for my Midwest true crime channel. I’ll post that for those of you that love true crime as much as I do!

I’d love if you watched it, dropped a comment, and subscribed. I’d love constructive criticism. What would you want to watch on a mental health channel?

As usual, I love you all. You help keep me going. I hope you’re all in a good place, mentally and physically.  ❤

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  1. Great Post and Great Goals! I have more personal goals for this year and I definitely, like you mentioned boundaries, need to work on those. My main goal is to be in the gym three times a week whether I like it or not (I always love it once I actually get there) and to quit smoking cigarettes (wearing a patch now!). Also I subscribed to your YouTube channel and appreciated your video debunking Nicole Arbor’s “Why Depressions Is All In Your Head.”I actually enjoy her sometimes (sometimes) but her video is grossly misinformed and paints a picture of depression being the individual’s fault which doesn’t consider a variety of factors. I wish it was that simple then I wouldn’t struggle as much because I do the things she says to do in her video (not cause she suggested them but because I just do) and I STILL struggle with depression. Anyways Thanks for sharing and enjoying more videos from you and blog posts of course!

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    1. I wish I could quit smoking. Lol. I’m not quite ready. I quit all my other vices except nicotine & caffeine.

      I’m not a big Arbor fan. The first video I saw of hers was the “Dear Fat People”, then “Dear Black People”. She just rubs me the wrong way. What she suggests isn’t bad. It can help & keep you going but like you said, you still struggle. Most people do. Even through recovery you have to be careful not to relapse. Her message is problematic for those who feel that it’s a character flaw.

      Thank you so much for subbing!

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  2. Great goals! Just a tip, from personal experience: do the diet in reasonable chunks. I needed to lose 30 lbs but ended up doing so over three years. That proved more manageable, plus decreased how flabby my skin looked with the loss. 🙂

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  3. Hey, girlie! I am sorry I super fell off and I deleted all my social media this last year too. I have been super focusing on family. I have four now! And I will be preggers again soon! Not mine. I am doing a surrogacy. How have you been? I have a few new years resolutions too. Lose a few pounds, learn four languages (my three boys are learning Spanish, German, and Japanese) and I wanted to learn french for myself, and finding a destresser that works for me. 🙂 I have really missed talking to you. Write me back. Oh! and starting and keeping up my blog again is another. I knew I had one more but couldn’t remember it.

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    1. YAY! You’re back! Sorry, sometimes I take awhile to check my comments. That’s exciting! And being a surrogate mother is an AWESOME thing to do for someone. ❤ So freaking glad you're back. I wanna learn Spanish & German. I studied Spanish 3 years in HS but never paid attention but I passed. I can read some but for some reason I can't understand languages when people speak.


      1. Oh, that is okay. I figured you were busy doing something else. I am kinda nervous about the surrogacy but it will be okay. 5th time is a charm right? You should sign up on duolingo with me. They make it super easy to learn and you speak it as part of your lessons and also hear it. It teaches you how to listen to the languages too. Give me your email and I will send you my link. I have my boys doing it with me too.

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