On the Outside I Look Lazy

On the outside, I look lazy. I lie in my bed, too fatigued to move and too tired to concentrate.

On the outside, I look lazy. I’m curled up in my blanket like it’s my cocoon. I’ve fallen down the YouTube rabbit hole because it’s the only thing that boosts my dopamine and serotonin.

I’ve been pulling myself out of another hole of bipolar depression. My Wellbutrin was upped to help with the numbness.

I’ve neglected my blog, I’ve neglected my blog family, I’ve neglected myself.

But I’m back and ready to dive headfirst into my blog, into fiction writing, into poetry writing, into my career.

I am taking a temporary break from canvassing around town for Bernie Sanders. It’s been messing with my anxiety. I feel so claustrophobic in this town.

But I’m back and I’ve missed you all. ❀



19 thoughts on “On the Outside I Look Lazy”

  1. Thining of you. Don’t worry about being behind in the blog, we totally get it. Do what’s best for you. Sounds like you saw the doctor to up the dosage so that’s good xx

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