Update: My Brain is Jelly

I've had serious writer's block. I've been burnt out on writing boring articles. Yet, I can still make videos. I don't know. I've been dissociating frequently so the focus is here and there. I'll have a more in-depth post coming soon about my dissociating and what's going on with me. I'm okay, I swear. I'm… Continue reading Update: My Brain is Jelly

You Can’t Help People Who Don’t Want to be Helped

You can't help someone who isn't ready to be helped and isn't ready to step up. This is a hard lesson I've had to learn over the years. I still struggle with it and it stings to "give up" on someone. It's not really giving up but I can't keep using all my mental strength… Continue reading You Can’t Help People Who Don’t Want to be Helped

Rant: Religion is Not a Cure for Mental Illness

Disclaimer: I am an atheist. I'm out and loud about my atheism. However, this post isn't about my beliefs or your beliefs. It's about some's ignorant beliefs when it comes to mental illness and mental health.   This rant is about a type of toxic positivity (Check out the article, linked above) I read a… Continue reading Rant: Religion is Not a Cure for Mental Illness

Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis

Ashley over at Mental Health @ Home published another phenomenal book last month, Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis. This book not only goes over the different diagnosis but also includes small essays on people who have personal experience with them. I was lucky enough to have Ashley accept my piece on ADD. I love this… Continue reading Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis

Working On Us Week #11

I'm super excited for this week's Working On Us writing prompt from Beckie over at Beckie's Mental Mess! It's on emotional support animals, which means I get to talk about my beloved furbabies! Go check it out so you can join in! Prompt #1 Do you own a pet for emotional support and/or service/therapy? My… Continue reading Working On Us Week #11