Placing Blame and Assigning Guilt

One of my biggest inner struggles with bipolar disorder is fighting the urge to blame myself for every outside conflict with others. How the hell am I suppose to know whether my angry outburst was valid or if I was overreacting because my brain is at war? It stems from the overused phrases used all… Continue reading Placing Blame and Assigning Guilt


Mental & Physical Health Hiatus

I'm just dropping in to say I'm back. I've been struggling with getting out of bed, with focusing, & so much more. Even as I type this, I feel like I have the fibro flu. I just thought I'd let you all know I'm still here. I apologize that I have had a hard time… Continue reading Mental & Physical Health Hiatus

The Ignored Ones: Children of Addicts

In the United States, about 8.7 million kids under the age of 17 live in a household with at least one parent battling with addiction. This data was combined was from 2009 to 2014. This doesn’t even include the recent rise in opiate users. It’s time to give these children a voice. It’s time we… Continue reading The Ignored Ones: Children of Addicts