Dear September

Dear September, Every year you hit me with a mixed bag of emotions. September, the month of fall. The month when the gorgeous, dead leaves fall from the towering trees, when the hefty walnuts begin to surround my house and hit my roof at night, lost in a dark abyss, and when the smell of… Continue reading Dear September


Seeking Approval

Growing up we believed those we thought knew the secrets of the universe-- our parents, our grandparents, our brothers and sisters-- were made of perfection. Perfection has the smell of fresh linen and the taste of strawberries with memories we cherished. We held their opinions, beliefs, and advice in our hands like precious rubies. We… Continue reading Seeking Approval

Incessant Ramblings and My Thoughts on Conformity

There’s always been this fear of failure that’s hung over me most of my life. Or has it been a fear of success? The only thing I’m sure of is that something is holding me back. It paralyzes me. A bowling ball is dropped on my chest and the room starts to shrink. It makes… Continue reading Incessant Ramblings and My Thoughts on Conformity