Happiness or Hypomania?

According to Merriam-Webster, happy is defined as

notably fitting, effective, or well adapted

In the beginning, it’s hard to tell the difference between genuine happiness and hypomania.

I have issues deciphering between the two. So many times I’ve felt that I was happy but it turned out to be a hypomanic episode.

So these past few weeks, I’ve been struggling with figuring out what I’m stable/happy or I’m just in another hypomanic episode since I just pulled myself out of another bipolar depression.

Because of this depression episode, my bupropion was upped. I’ve been feeling a major shift in my mood.

But I think there are a few big differences I tend to forget when I find myself in a hypomanic state.

  1. In hypomania, I only sleep a few hours a night. This is different than insomnia. When I’m going through insomnia, I feel tired and I just want to sleep. When I’m hypomanic, I don’t feel tired whatsoever. I have all the energy in the world.
  2. Hypomania makes me feel euphoric.
  3. I have zillions of ideas about my life or creative projects but no focus or determined plans or goals.

Reminding myself of these guidelines, I think it’s safe to say I’m just feeling stable and happy.

I’ve been sleeping well minus one stressful night this week. I don’t feel euphoric, just at home with positive vibes coming from the future. I have a few creative projects on my mind but I know how to get there. I’m ready to up my writing business game since I’m stable.

I have clear goals and motivation.

Doees anyone else struggle with knowing the difference between the two? How do you tell the difference in what mood you’re experiencing? Drop me a comment, lovely people.

Also, I uploaded another video. I need to practice talking in front of a camera because I stutter and stumble over words. I apparently don’t pronounce Ts either. Every time I say “irritability” it sounds like “irr-ability”. Lol. I got work to do on my channel. I also need a better cam eventually.

But I’d love it if you dropped a comment on my video with constructive criticism. I’m up for honesty, just not hateful comments!

As usual, I love you all. You’re amazing. ❤

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    1. Thank you so much for watching! I’ve thought about having a plain background or at least less. Idk if I have a plain area I can clear out & this wall is a bit icky. But I’ll deff clear out some of it!


  1. Good post – I have watched lots of videos from other folks on you tube that do book and movie and album reviews and similar things – I notice that the more that they post the better they get at talking -which is logical. In time they get more comfortable doing this and they seem more relaxed and speak better – but you sound fine in my opinion and you are new at this – you will get better with each new video that you post.

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  2. Part of being bipolar is lacking some self awareness. I am not always capable of picking up on my own symptoms, so I make sure that one or two friends are aware of my telltale signs. Sleeping less is the big one. I take seroquel. That drug is a godsend to me. Also losing weight is another symptom of hypomania. I tend to forget to eat and exercise more. Pressured speech- talking fast. And I also forget everything. I leave pots on the stove, I forget appointments, etc. hypo – or tru mania sucks.

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    1. It does suck. I always like the beginning of hypomania with the euphoria, feeling creative, and feelin productive. But after a day or 2, it goes downhill. I’m irritable, everything has me on edge, anxiety, etc. But you know, obviously. Lol. I can’t always tell either so I was struggling between what I’ve been feeling these few weeks. My boyfriend and family pick up on it most of the time. My boyfriend notices when I don’t sleep much which is the biggest sign for me too. My bf & family notice most of the time because I talk SO much. Lol. Or I hyperfixate on cleaning. It has to be perfect.


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