It’s time to transform the “War Economy” into a “Peace Economy” that values all humanity!

Rise Up Times

On May 29th Women Against Military Madness joined Veterans for Peace Chapter 27 as part of a Rally for a Peace Economy that Values all of Humanity in an event hosted by the Hosted by Minnesota Poor Peoples Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival.

Notes from the event description, planned around Memorial Day: Military spending in 2017 was $668 billion while out of federal discretionary spending only $190 billion was for anti-­poverty programs. Currently 53 cents of every federal discretionary dollar goes to the military and only 15 cents to anti-­poverty programs. Under the current administration’s proposed budget, by 2023, 66 cents of every dollar of federal discretionary spending would go to the military and only 12 cents to anti-poverty programs.

WAMM director Kristin Dooley spoke from the steps of the St. Paul capitol.

By Kristin Dooley, Director, Women Against Military Madness May 29, 2018

Thank you to…

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This! This is honest. This is real.

Burble by a Bipolar Brain.

Dear old friend,

Howdy! We’ve know one another since time immemorial. Ours is an odyssey, a rollercoaster, an infinite journey. From self-harm to therapy to antidepressants to antipsychotics to mood stabilizers. Sheesh, buddy, look at this pattern of psychotropics. Don’t you ever tire? Could you simmer down? Could you throw in the towel please? From suicidal ideations, to suicidal tendencies, you’ve been through it all. Through the furnace, through the blizzard.

Bud, you’ve helped me sleep for 18 hours a day and you’ve also ensured I didn’t rest my head for days in a row. You my friend have been the common denominator through my somnolence and my insomnia. Wow aren’t you just so paradoxical! You stun me.

You’ve helped me attend 4 different high schools in a few years. You’ve help me destroy a lot of relationships. You’ve helped me brood for 8 months over relationships I was in…

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The Ignored Ones: Children of Addicts

In the United States, about 8.7 million kids under the age of 17 live in a household with at least one parent battling with addiction. This data was combined was from 2009 to 2014. This doesn’t even include the recent rise in opiate users. It’s time to give these children a voice. It’s time we… Continue reading The Ignored Ones: Children of Addicts

Dealing With Self-Harm

Fantastic article explain self-harm!

Fighting for a Future


Yesterday I wrote about an incident of cutting I had with when I switched alters. I had the onerous task of telling my husband later on of the cutting knowing how much it would upset him and how angry he would be. Not angry at me but angry at the alter and the situation. I have no recollection of the cutting I never do. It is afterward when I feel the wetness of the blood on my arm some hours later or see a pool of blood on the floor that I realise something has happened.

We went to the hospital and the had the predictable three-hour wait at Emergency to be stitched. While waiting I received a beautiful text from a friend just saying “I love you”. It came at just the right time. I was feeling so low and awful about myself and the hurt I had caused…

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Let’s Talk About: Addiction & Stigma

Stigma is a petty little creature lurking behind every person who struggles with mental illness on a daily basis and anyone who has struggled with addiction. The media portrays addicts as junkies laying in a gutter, women selling their bodies for sex, men violent on intoxication. Addicts are depicted as bodies with no depth and… Continue reading Let’s Talk About: Addiction & Stigma